critterstory - a children's picture book ©ponderover publishing, llc

welcome to critterstory: a children’s picture book that celebrates critters and their personalities. featuring four poems that follow critters in nature with an emphasis on the joy they bring.

learn the critterstory ‘i want a horse’ song of little niki who wants a palomino horse, wonder at beulah the beautiful basset hound who lies by the heater (instead of being outside where the dogs could meet her), imagine the glimpse of sandhill cranes as they fly by, and giggle at a feisty fox as he romps and searches for a mouse below the snow…enjoy “critterstory” and connect to the critters in your life!

Father reading critterstory to his daughter

reading critterstory

A young girl reads 'critterstory' a children's picture book ©ponderover publishing, llc

Helen, 92 years old loves critterstory