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about critterstory

niki critterstory children's picture book author

when niki (critterstory author) was 7 years old she wrote a song about wanting a horse, which is the first poem in critterstory.  niki has been singing her horse song to friends and children ever since (whenever she sees a palomino).  special thanks to ben winship for writing the musical score to ‘i want a horse’ for children to learn!  and special thanks to bob burns and his daughter keelee for singing and playing mandolin!

when niki was 10 years old her teacher had students write a poem for class. beulah was niki’s dog at the time, and “beulah the beautiful basset hound” came out of that assignment (the second poem in critterstory).

Illustration by Janet Murphy McCall, ID

half a century later, janet (illustrator & designer) learned of  ‘i want a horse’ song and  ‘beulah the beautiful basset hound’ poem while on hikes with niki in their idaho home. they laughed while they sang ‘i want a horse’, and imagined colorful illustrations of a basset hound named beulah running with stilts through the snow (can a dog wear stilts?) … and so their first book ‘critterstory’ was launched… purchase your copy!

what’s your critterstory?